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Bang on Time

This is an activity which will help you read analog and digital time:


Create your clock


Find the Information

Using Venn Diagrams


Venn Diagrams

Lily-Grace’s Show and Tell

Christmas Card

Print the following template and use it to make your Christmas cards:


Energy Efficient Homes- design


Look at the design of this energy efficient home and note down the important things you might need to add to your design for a house.

Reptiles – Read | We Give Books

Reptiles – Read | We Give Books.

Historical Society of Leongatha

Please browse through this site and comment on something you liked reading about.

Insightfully, answer these questions:

1. What you think about it?

2.What more would you like to know about it on your excursion?

AnswerGarden: What is the difference between a home and a house?

 What is the difference between a home and a house?.

Design your Classroom

Use this tool to design your classroom

Draw a Plan for your Classroom

Look at this plan for Cressida’s Classroom and try to make one for your own classroom Continue reading